Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Feeling Like an Island

 I'm sure some people out there remember the song by Paul Simon, "I Am a Rock, I Am an Island."  That's what I feel like, now that Covid Insanity has gone on for over 200 days.  Looking out of my lonely room, day after day.  Oh, yeah, that's from a Paul McCartney song, I think.

Anyway, Covid-19 has forced all of us into a small shell of isolation.  The thing I miss most is seeing and talking to friends at church.  These have always been surrogate family to me, wherever I've lived.  But now it's pretty much cut off.  For a loner like me, it's probably not as difficult as for people who really crave social contact.  

I wonder how long it will be until we can come out of our shells.  Will we even remember how to relate to people?  The things I see in the news make me think we've already lost all knowledge of how to get along with others.  In fact,  I've quit watching, in order to preserve my sanity. 

Sorry. Gloomy thoughts for a cloudy, gloomy day.