Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Free Kindle downloads are just around the corner for my newest books!
"Where All Worlds End" on Nov. 1
"Beyond the World" on Nov. 14
"When the World Grows Cold" on Nov. 20
And there are more to come!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ordinary People in Exttraordinary Times

People sometimes get the wrong Idea when I say my stories are part-sci-fi and fantasy.  They don't tell about aliens and great galactic battles in the sense of Star Wars.  Maybe a bit more like Star Trek, but even more 'down to earth' than that.  I think today's blog title best expresses it.  I write about Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times--like what we may see as the End Times approach--and who hasn't wondered about that recently, with all the stuff in the news?

Just this week, my newest books have all been updated and are available on Amazon, either as E-books or as paperback. Check them out by searching my author name - M.F.Erler--or by the titles:
"When the World Grows Cold", "Beyond the World", and "Where All Worlds End". You don't need to read my first trilogy of books to read these! There will be free-download days in the Kindle store soon. I'll announce them here.

 Or you can contact me directly.  If the news is making you nervous, I hope my thoughts expressed in a fictional way may shed some light and hope.  That's my prayer.