Saturday, February 16, 2013

Free Promo of KindleEdition

This is the last chance (for awhile) to get a free copy of Part 3 of "The Peaks Trilogy"  next Saturday, 2/23.  Then I'll be working on getting onto other media--like Nook!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Looking Toward the Sequel

Well, the Trilogy that was always my dream is finally out in "real print' as well as e-books.  It is available from or Create Space.  Title is "The Peaks at the Edge of the World"

I've had lots of constructive and helpful comments on the book already, and want to thank all who have contributed to them.

Now I am in the proof-draft of the sequel that I had never envisioned--it just came off the pen, so to speak.  I had always toyed with the idea of incorporating the Millennium (see Revelation) into the story, but wasn't sure exactly how it would work.   The idea has 'evolved' over the past 30 years.

Pre- post- or a-millennialist--whatever you are--I think you'll find I've put a unique twist on it.  Of course, it's fiction, but it's so much fun to play with ideas...

You know, there is a lot of overlap for a writer, as imagination flows over into past experiences, and back again.  I had forgotten what a joy--and a challenge--fiction writing can be.  For the 20 years we were away from Montana (in Michigan) I was totally engaged in non-fiction.  It's nice to be back to the 'realms of wonder what-if...'